writeup 007

We had a great meetup at Craft with good beer to match good discussions. Below are links to some of the things we chatted about: Wireframing with Omni Graffle and Balsamiq (Balsamiq also allows you to create clickable wireframes) Creating clickable prototypes with “real” design assets using Flinto and Briefs The Atelier playing cards on Kickstarter The HTML5 History API to maintain back button functionality in… Read more »

meetup 007

After a pretty long hiatus and winter hibernation we’re kicking off spring with an informal get together. We’re moving to the Craft F&B Co on West Bay Road for some geeky chats over craft beer.   When/where Date: April 9, 2013 Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm Venue: Craft Please feel free to RSVP on Facebook.

meetup 006

Its been a while since our last get-together and we thought we could ease back into post-summer things by having an informal get together without any talks or agendas. Lets get together and chat about geeky subjects over beers while watching the sun go down. Sounds pretty good to me!   When/where Date: October 2,… Read more »

meetup 005

Its July! Its time for another meet up and as long as we don’t get washed away we’re on this Wednesday, July 3. Niqui Merret from jadehopper will talk about responsive web design and development. She will expand on what it means to be responsive, talk about some of the available frameworks, discuss optimisation techniques… Read more »

writeup 004

Last month’s meet up  had a last minute emergency where we had to swap venues, so we ended up at Rackhams bar on the waterfront and luckily nobody got lost in the shuffle. There may not have been a projector or screen to show stuff on but there was a nice view that included a lovely… Read more »

meetup 004

While we’re not sure how exactly its June already, we do know that means its time for another meet up so we’re on again this Wednesday, June 5. Jonathan “Peeks” Martin from LIME will talk about how he set up and ran the fastest network on the island during the recent Cayman Invitational featuring the fastest… Read more »

meetup 003

Its nearly May and time for another meetup. We’re on again this Wednesday, May 1. We have two sessions planned: – Rob Barton from BB&P will talk about the new digital strategy that is being implemented by the UK government (gov.uk) and how we can use some of the thinking and lessons learned on a… Read more »

meetup 002

After the success of the last one its time for another meetup and this time with a whole week’s notice. We’re on again for next Wednesday, April 3. So if you are involved in the designing or developing for the web, mobile, or anything else then please come along, it would be great to meet… Read more »

writeup 001

I am really pleased to report that our first get together was a huge success. At one point we were wondering if it was only going to be three of us, but we hit double digits which was fantastic — even with only two days notice. Brilliant. After a quick meet and greet  Caine Smith showed off myF1.me and… Read more »

meetup 001

After a few weeks of figuring out if a group like this would be viable, what time of week would be preferable, finding a venue to host it, etc things have finally come together and we’re having our first meetup this Wednesday, March 13. If you are involved in the designing or developing for the… Read more »