writeup 001

I am really pleased to report that our first get together was a huge success. At one point we were wondering if it was only going to be three of us, but we hit double digits which was fantastic — even with only two days notice. Brilliant.


After a quick meet and greet  Caine Smith showed off myF1.me and spoke to us for about an hour about the story behind it and how they’ve iterated over the past year to get the site to the point where they call it the “Ultimate Fantasy Formula 1 League”. Really good fun and informative — definitely something you should check out if you’re into Formula 1. There really was no better way to kick off our first meetup so thank you Caine, that was brilliant!

Next we chatted  about a variety of topics, from mobile concepts to business development, some of which was covered under friendDA. Some links that came up were: