writeup 004

Last month’s meet up  had a last minute emergency where we had to swap venues, so we ended up at Rackhams bar on the waterfront and luckily nobody got lost in the shuffle. There may not have been a projector or screen to show stuff on but there was a nice view that included a lovely sunset and great service from the wait staff.

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Peeks Martin spoke at length about the work he has been doing at LIME, including setting up blazing fast wifi to cater for thousands of spectators at last month’s Cayman Invitational. We also got to hear about the future/current plans of rolling out fibre across the island, the kinds of things we can expect as well as more details about LIME TV. I’m by no means a networking expert so it was good to hear things explained in language we could understand. As most of us live on the internet its interesting to know how the infrastructure is built to support us on this tiny rock in the middle of the Caribbean sea.

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Next up Leonard Lewis spoke about Agouti — his recently launched iOS app built exclusively for the local market. He talked about why he built it, the background on some choices made along the way as well as his plans on monetizing it. There was several questions about other platforms and future roadmap that I’m not going to share — you’ll just have to come to the next meet up.

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The lack of a projector made the talks very Q&A based which I feel went really well and the general vibe was very relaxed.

Looking forward to the next one on July 3rd.